Ruby Staff
Tracking System

In today’s business world, proper personnel monitoring is vital to ensuring a successful operation.

Being a successful company is directly linked to a profitable business. Ruby ST provides unmatched visibility for the activity of employees.

The software is the system of record, presenting detailed, accurate, and actionable data for use in incident response, insider monitoring, and productivity reporting.

Built for Visibility

Purpose built to collect, report, and alert on the activity of your staff.

Provides context-rich information that supports critical decision-making.

Increase Profits

To become a profitable business, you need to reduce wasteful expenses.

In order to increase your profits and operational efficiency you need a powerful tool as Ruby ST.

By having the software, you will be able to have customized reports and analytics..

Proven Technology

Using a unique data collector refined over a decade and deployed on millions endpoints, the software collects information that is otherwise unavailable, and stores it securely, without impacting workflows.

Measuring Productivity

Where is the line in your company? Work life balance and the blending of home and work have made it harder than ever to identify what is acceptable and what is excessive. Being able to quickly identify outliers, and have documentation to back up what is normal, allows organizations to address productivity loss confidently and quickly.

Ruby STS Features

» Staff Rota Scheduling

» Attendance Management

» Salary Calculations

» Fingerprint Access Module

» SMS module

» Human Resources Module

» Payroll Transactions