Ruby Casino Expense
Management System

It’s time to optimize your casino travel and other expenses.

By having Ruby CMS get a better view of spending and control costs associated with expenses, travel and event organizations.

Ruby CMS is very broad tool which will help you to have an overview and detailed information at the same time regarding your operational expenses at casino management.

Gain Visibility

You depend on data to manage your casino’s finances.

With Ruby CM, you’ll get accurate, current and consolidated spending data, giving you the control you need to identify trends, negotiate better rates on travel costs and drive cost savings.

Optimized Travel Expenses

Traveling expenses are one of the highest expenditure of casinos. When you are able find best prices for ticketing flights, you will directly cut your traveling costs down. We simplify the booking experience and help organizations reduce costs.

Ruby CMS Features

» Online GPS vehicle tracking tool

» Hotel Reservation module

» Flights Ticketing Tool

» Event & Banquet Organization tool

» Reception Module